It is my mission to perfect my craft, heal, and eliminate the daily pain that we deal with. Whether it be migraine frozen shoulder, back pain, arthritis or . I have over 8 years of NZ experience specialising in Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Swedish, Trigger Point, Cupping and Chinese Traditional Tuina and many more modalities, all to suit your specific needs.

Prepare to be amazed.

Soothing & Renewed
Therapeutic Massage

A great place to start if you're new to massage. This utilises many different techniques, mostly of a lighter nature, all rolled into one session. And while primarily aimed toward relaxation it can also help to increase blood flow, revitalize stiff muscles and reduce pain.

It combines excellent modalities such as  Trigger Point, Deep Tissue, Acupressure point and Ancient Tuina, for chronic pain and tension or for deeply embedded 'knots'. Very similar to Swedish however it goes further into the body, targeting deep muscles, tendons and fascia. The goal of deep tissue is to find and eliminate the source of the pain as opposed to the symptoms. However can be painful mid-session but eliminating the deep knots can lead to long-term relief lasting weeks after the session.



A pressure point therapy on the soles of the feet where all internal organs are stimulated through reflexes on the soles to stimulate circulation and trigger detoxification.

MagicTouch Treatments

Pre/Post Sports massage can eases post exercise muscle soreness, reduce muscle tension & joint pain, breaks down scar tissue & adhesions and lower stress levels & reduces anxiety.




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